Tylor’s Place

Tylor’s Place is an anti-bullying zone that will teach children and teens how to stand up against, stop, and overcome bullying.

In loving memory of Tylor Holmes, the non-profit organization called the T. Holmes Foundation was established. From there, Tylor’s Place was created as a safe haven where kids aged 4 and up can come together to celebrate differences in personalities, interests, learning abilities, and gender through encouraging lasting friendships. Within Tylor’s Place, kids will also learn to accept themselves while building their self-esteem and encouraging others to do the same. We will facilitate creative activities and cooperative games, as well as host events, offer homework help, and present educational videos and materials. A group forum encourages peer interactions and mentoring.

Goals & Objectives

Foster a sense of self pride in individuals
Create an active learning environment in which all acknowledge bullying as an unacceptable action
Teach positive strategies that prevent and end bullying
Construct lasting friendships
Celebrate differences

Together we will create a safe, inclusive environment in which youths feel comfortable to be their true selves. We will encourage individuality and acceptance while implementing the tools to both stop bullying and build meaningful friendships.



"Advocates for Awareness"