The current members of the foundation are as follows:

  • Diane Holmes – President- tholmes.diane@gmail.com
  • Beth Miller – Vice President – tholmes.beth@gmail.com
  • Kathy Duelley – Secretary – Kathy.tholmesfoundation@gmail.com
  • Ashley Kametz – Board Member – Ashley.tholmesfoundation@gmail.com
  • Tracy Mejias –  Board Member – tracy.tholmesfoundation@gmail.com
  • Jazmine Melendez – Board Member
  • Teila Miller – Board Member

The T. Holmes Foundation came to fruition in 2012 due to the personal loss of a loved one to suicide. Richard Tylor Paul Holmes; a son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, and co-worker. Devastated by our loss we pulled together and built this foundation to spread suicide awareness and prevention, which in turn has become raising awareness on other aspects such as bullying, mental illnesses, etc.

Sadly suicide has a stigma attached to it and is normally not discussed upon. It is time to educate those on suicide, spread awareness and prevention to help save lives. To those who take their own life, they are making a permanent decision to solve a temporary problem.

We here at the foundation have pulled together and want to help change that decision by educating those around us.


The T. Holmes Foundation is an organization offering educational resources promoting suicide awareness & prevention. As of recently, we touch base on other aspects such as bullying, mental illness, addiction, etc. We promote awareness to our local community during educational events and as well as public speaking. We also offer the tools and support to those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Suicide should not be the permanent solution to a temporary problem

With your donation we will be able to continue to educated others on suicide awareness and prevention and possibly save a life.

"Advocates for Awareness"